On DeSmogBlog

DSB logoDeSmogBlog, if you don’t know it, is a great resource.  Time named it one of the 25 best blogs of 2011.  They’ve got a great team and hard-hitting stories.  I was happy to have one there a few years back:  The Paradox of Canada’s Tar Sands and America’s Drive to Substantially Decarbonize Energy.

They’ve been good enough to post an excerpt from the book there today.  It’s on the insurance industry’s response to climate change.  Take a look – and definitely bookmark and/or subscribe to DeSmogBlog.

Triple-E for Maersk

maersk_triple-e_smart-transportTriple-E stands for efficiency, economy of scale, and environment.  The illustration above shows how, for marine shipping, the first two lead to greater protection for the third.  The Triple-E ship is now being built for the Maersk Line, one of the most prominent shippers in the world with 25,000 people and 600 ships.  The first of 20 vessels, 400 meters long with a capacity for 18,000 containers, is being completed in a shipyard in South Korea and will be delivered this summer. Continue reading

At Amazon

amazon-logoI’m pretty happy to report that the first Amazon review is in and it’s a blockbuster:  “Infused with optimism, A Newer World is a well-researched and thorough summary of US and worldwide attempts, in their myriad forms, to combat climate change and global warming. Forward looking in a positive way, the book never loses sight of the real world hurdles that must be overcome to achieve a better future.”

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On Wisconsin

ow_bannerAs I said a couple of years ago when the capitol building in Madison was being occupied by people incensed by the depredations being mounted against democracy by the Republican Party there, driven by Tea Party ideology and Koch Brothers money, I was never more proud to be a graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  (See Wisconsin is About Climate and Energy Too.)  I still am proud.

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In Pacific Standard

PacificStandard-LogoThere’s a review today in Pacific Standard, an online and print magazine.  The book is paired with Andrew T. Guzman’s Overheated – The Human Cost of Climate Change which appears to be a sober look at the realities of the looming climate crisis.  The reviewer, the accomplished energy writer Lisa Margonelli, says A Newer World is “a shot of green cheer.”  She writes that “The overall effect is to somewhat dispel Guzman’s gloom, and replace it with a vision of the future that may be less likely, but is a great deal more likable.”  So far, so good. Continue reading

At NYU Bookstore

nyu bookstore flyerThat turned out to be a successful and enjoyable event, both for me and for the folks who stopped in.  The Washington Square News was good enough to write it up.  One NYU student “…said that he was pleased to hear a new and encouraging view instead of a negative perspective about climate change. Viola is used to hearing about global warming and not about the change that can be brought by activists.  ‘It is a very optimistic topic. It influences me to take an optimistic perspective too.'”  That, of course, is the just the sort of reaction I had hoped to Continue reading