The Europeans Take the Lead

The Europeans have, once again, proven that they are willing to lead the world on sustainability.  I wrote in February how the European Union was embarking on a bold new initiative to advance their already ambitious “20/20/20” program.  Well the Europeans have, after months of hearings, further study, negotiations, and the inevitable political give and take necessitated by the fact that they are 28 sovereign nations working together in a complex union, unprecedented in its scope, come up with a living, breathing, working plan.  The goal?  Nothing less than a 40% reduction of their greenhouse gases from 1990 levels by 2030. Continue reading

NYU Divest – Spelling It Out

divest actionThe super motivated students of NYU Divest met with the University Senate yesterday.  They marked that important step forward with a great visual display of their intention.  I’ve had the pleasure of being involved a bit with these students over the past year.  They have a goal, a plan, and are executing it smartly.


blogactionday 2014It’s Blog Action Day all over the world today and the theme this year is Inequality.  From my perspective, the main example of inequality in our world today is energy poverty.  This is defined by the International Energy Agency as “…a lack of access to modern energy services. These services are defined as household access to electricity and clean cooking facilities (e.g. fuels and stoves that do not cause air pollution in houses).”  18% of the seven billion of us today don’t have electricity and a whopping 38% don’t have a clean way to cook. Continue reading

Decarbonizing Assets

take_climate_action_button-248x300Action This Day.  That’s what Winston Churchill wrote on many of his memos.  It has always worked for me as a call to arms.  Action was the persistent theme of the recent UN Climate Summit.  I had the good fortune to be there last week and I was, after a fair number of years of observing the environmental scene, somewhat in awe of the tone and timbre of the speeches in support of climate action.  Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has been building support for nearly a year for a successful summit, with leaders of governments, business and civil society in abundance coming to speak and to make commitments. Continue reading