Zephyr Teachout for NY State Attorney General

I have known about Zephyr Teachout ever since 2014 when she mounted a quixotic Democratic party primary challenge against Andrew Cuomo in New York.  She bloodied his nose then, but lost.  One of the key charges that she leveled against him was his hamstringing and then premature shutdown of a state commission on corruption.  A NY Times investigation at the time substantially supported her allegations. Continue reading

Moving the Needle – The Trump Foundation

Just before busting out of NYC for a vacation, I got involved in promoting a cause on MoveOn.  I’m back and wanted to recount the positive experience and hail a few important people and one impressive organization:  MoveOn.  I had not had much traffic with these folks before, but am now fully prepared to attest to their effectiveness.  They are thorough, smart, responsive to questions and equipped to provide good, timely answers. Continue reading