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amazon-logoI’m pretty happy to report that the first Amazon review is in and it’s a blockbuster:  “Infused with optimism, A Newer World is a well-researched and thorough summary of US and worldwide attempts, in their myriad forms, to combat climate change and global warming. Forward looking in a positive way, the book never loses sight of the real world hurdles that must be overcome to achieve a better future.”

The reviewer, Henry Kwong, is a former student from my graduate class on climate change at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs.  He is very well versed in matters of energy and the environment.  In fact, he’s got a great blog:  Henry Kwong Energy Hub.  Check in there.  It’s got great insight, beautifully written.

Back to his review of the book.  Henry writes “For practitioners in the field as well as interested parties and citizens, A Newer World is a great starting point for anyone looking to read up on the subject of the climate crisis in one place. If you absorb this book’s contents, consider yourself well-informed about the efforts to create a better, more hospitable world. Doom, gloom and scare tactics may be the basis to spur action, but persistence, hope and optimism can lead to even more favorable results without the concomitant conflicts and headaches. It is always a noble thing for someone to bring a positive message to the world.”

What’s even better about this for me?  That’s just what I intended to do with the book and Henry gets it.

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