CAIT 2.0

wri logoThe venerable World Resources Institute, a source for excellent policy insight and highly relevant and useful data and graphics, for over 30 years, has updated its invaluable Climate Analysis Indicators Tool to CAIT 2.0.  Jennifer Morgan, the director of WRI’s Climate and Energy Program, noted that the original version “…was frequently cited in news articles, policy briefs, and government documents, and was regularly used to inform policy discussions within the UNFCCC and other forums.”  I used it all the time and I missed it being offline.  In fact, it came back on Wednesday and I had it going in my class on Thursday morning.

Among other things, the easily manipulable database gives you access to greenhouse gas emissions data from 186 countries and all 50 U.S. states.  Not incidentally, where are we on GHGs?  As of 2010, we were pumping 47.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent into the climate system annually.  That includes land use changes and is just the Kyoto gases.  That does not include other actors that are forcing the climate system like black carbon and various volatile organic compounds.

Go to the website and start digging.  Knowledge is power, and we need all the power we can muster to fight the climate crisis.

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