Demand Destruction

us losing oil addictionWhile we’re waiting for our brothers and sisters in Lima to come up with a template for agreement in Paris next year, here’s a great story from Bloomberg about the demand destruction for oil.  (See my post, “Houston, You’ve Got a Problem,” for some background.)  If we keep on this trajectory for reducing greenhouse gases, an international treaty will be useful, certainly, but not essential.

The great Hermann Scheer wrote about this ten years ago.  He called for “…a dynamic, goal-oriented climate change policy, free of bureaucratic impediments, and a step forward from simply prolonging and refining the current series of international conferences. Preventing climate change through consensus-building conferences is fantasy politics – all talk and no action.”  Ouch.

In any event, I urge you to check out the Bloomberg article:  How America Is Kicking Its Oil Habit and this butt-kicking slide show that accompanies the article.

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