Gina McCarthy at EPA

epa logoLisa Jackson, for my money, is a tough act to follow, but Gina McCarthy is going to be just great.  She’s got absolutely everything you need in an EPA Administrator:  She’s smart, tough, experienced and, most of important of all, she’s got the full faith and credit of the President.  I love this account from the recent NY Times story on her:  “’Why would you want me?’ Ms. McCarthy said she asked the president when he offered her the top job.  The president told Ms. McCarthy that his environmental and presidential legacy would be incomplete without a serious effort to address climate change.  ‘I’m so glad he said that, because if he hadn’t, I wouldn’t have wanted this job,’ she said. ‘It’s an issue I’ve worked on for so many years, and it just can’t wait.'”

He’s ready, she’s ready, and the law and the stars are aligned.  It might not be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, but the better part of the American body politic has woken up to the dire reality of the climate crisis and is on board for, as Churchill said:  Action this day!

I had the pleasant experience of meeting Ms. McCarthy a couple of years ago, and not only do I know from her record that she’s got the perfect CV, but I think she’s got the right temperament.  She’ll be plenty cool under fire and she’ll stay focused.

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