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northamerican-hor-clrI had the pleasure a few weeks ago to lend a small helping hand to the good folks at Student Energy.  They organized a series of regional summits and I helped provide some guidance to students who were engaged in an exercise to sharpen their blogging skills.  Jared Anderson, the Managing Editor of Breaking Energy (and an alum of the grad program at NYU where I teach), was the other guide. 

A couple of the students produced a really winning blog post, eloquently answering the question I’d posed:  “Have there been any recent political and social developments that indicate significant movement towards fully decarbonized and denuclearized economies globally in the foreseeable future?”  They gave some of the perspective of the high-level participants in the North American summit as evidence that there is indeed significant movement.

As the two writers, Lauren Levin and Viktoriya Syrov, said:  “The global community is implementing clean, renewable energy into existing and new infrastructure at unprecedented levels.”  Read the whole post at Breaking Energy here.

Great job, ladies.  It’s excellent news too that groups of students like those at the regional summits are rolling up their sleeves.

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