How Funny is Denialism?

db doc and climate stripOnce again Gary Trudeau nails it on the head.  There’s really not a lot to add.  However, if your appetite is whetted, you might like to check out some of what Barack Obama said at a commencement address a little over a week ago in California.

For instance:  “And today’s Congress, though, is full of folks who stubbornly and automatically reject the scientific evidence about climate change. They will tell you it is a hoax, or a fad. One member of Congress actually says the world is cooling. There was one member of Congress who mentioned a theory involving ‘dinosaur flatulence’ — which I won’t get into.”

You can read the speech here or see the video below.  The whole speech is great, I have to admit, but the part about climate change starts at around seven minutes in.

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