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odwyers coverO’Dwyer’s Monthly Magazine is the flagship for J.R. O’Dwyer Company, a venerable source for “inside news of public relations and marketing communications.”  They had a special issue this month on Environmental Communications & Public Affairs.  They saw fit to excerpt some material from the book in the issue.  They headed the excerpt Companies, investors seeing risk in climate change – Nonprofits and science organizations play an important role in educating corporations to the dangers posed by climate change.

I discuss organizations like the Carbon Disclosure Project and Ceres, and there’s interview material from the head of Ceres, Mindy Lubber.  For instance, Lubber said to me:  “There is no question in my mind that we are no longer debating the issue of whether or not climate change is real and has a real financial impact within the corporate community.  It is seen as a world class environmental, national security, public health and financial issue within the financial and corporate sectors. It is radically different from five years ago.”

You can see the issue and my excerpt (page 16) here.

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