Unlimited Power

hywind postcardOne of the core messages I have tried in my writing and my teaching to convey is that the Big Lie from the energy special interests that want to see renewables fail is that wind, solar, geothermal and their cousins can’t get the job done.  Utter piffle!  Here are two examples of what Andrew Leonard called “Exajoules of Hope” several years back in referencing a seminal paper on the Potentials of Renewable Energy. Continue reading

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“The winds that will be howling at all hours”

William Wordsworth would have had us wonder at the power and beauty of nature.  It is now, finally, becoming apparent that we are getting that message.  Instead of drilling and digging for our power, with all of the attendant environmental nightmares that accompany that, or fissioning it, a manifestly dangerous and wasteful process, we are learning how to work with nature and its bounty.  As the late Barry Commoner would’ve said, we are finally “making peace with the planet.”

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