O Brave New World

Amory-Lovins-Reinventing-Fire-browserThis is an eye-catching graphic, wouldn’t you say?  It’s for a talk that Amory Lovins gave at Yale exactly two years ago.  (See also the companion interview from the superb online journal Yale Environment 360.)

I use Reinventing Fire from Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute as a textbook for my graduate and continuing ed classes on clean tech.  There is no more comprehensive, Continue reading

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Climate Risk at GreenBiz

logo_greenbizJoel Makower and the very good people at GreenBiz have posted an excerpt/adaptation from the book.  It focuses on the fact that businesses and investors have a very keen perception these days of the many risks that come with climate change “through regulatory exposure, physical exposure, competitive exposure and reputational – including litigational – exposure,” as the economist John Llewellyn put it in his seminal paper, The Business of Climate Change.

If you don’t know the GreenBiz family of newsletters, blogs, research and events, do yourself a favor and check them out.

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