On Wisconsin

ow_bannerAs I said a couple of years ago when the capitol building in Madison was being occupied by people incensed by the depredations being mounted against democracy by the Republican Party there, driven by Tea Party ideology and Koch Brothers money, I was never more proud to be a graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  (See Wisconsin is About Climate and Energy Too.)  I still am proud.

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Inside the Climate Wars

Frontline has produced pretty consistently terrific programs over the years.  I use both Hot Politics and Heat in my classes on climate change and on energy and the environment.  Another blockbuster program, Climate of Doubt, hit the airwaves this past week on PBS.  It looks very closely at the industry that has grown up around climate change denialism.  It pinpoints the fact that many millions of dollars have been spent by the likes of ExxonMobil and the Koch Brothers to fund this industry.  It documents the havoc that this disinformation campaign has caused. Continue reading

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