The Energy Gang

EnergyGang_310_204I mentioned Jigar Shah yesterday.  He’s also one of Greentech Media’s “Energy Gang.”  The weekly podcast has a quite sprightly and informative discussion between Shah, energy policy expert Katherine Hamilton and Greentech Editor Stephen Lacey.  (Before moving over to GTM, Lacey was at Climate Progress.)  This is what you call the A Team. 

The discussion this week centered around a pretty lame piece from “60 Minutes” on what CBS characterized as the “The Cleantech Crash.”  (Fun fact:  My uncle created “60 Minutes.”)  The Energy Gang pretty well trash the “60 Minutes” segment, noting, among other things, that there is virtually no discussion of the huge success being enjoyed by renewable energy companies.  This leads to the second topic for discussion:  how consistently under the mark the Energy Information Administration is on renewables in its predictions.  Finally, the group take note of the new Ford concept car that has PV on its roof.  They love it.

So, in short, subscribe to this podcast.  These folks are hitting on all cylinders with news and insight that is timely and good for you to know.

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