The Kalundborg Symbiosis at Ensia

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I’m happy to report that I’ve got a new article at Ensia, the magazine and website of the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment.  Denmark’s Near-Zero-Waste Wonder is about the longstanding and ongoing successes at Kalundborg, the site of one of the world’s best examples of industrial ecology.

“When we look closely at systems in nature — coral reefs or rainforests, for instance — we see something we don’t often see in human systems: mutually beneficial relationships and energy flows among the various elements, such as air, water, rocks, soil, and plant and animal life. If we emulate these relationships in our cities and in our industrial infrastructure, we can vastly improve the sustainability of natural resources and energy use.”  That’s precisely what the very good folks of the Kalundborg Symbiosis have been doing, and for more than 50 years.  It keeps getting better too!

See their video:

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