The President Gets Angry

The annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner was the venue for one of the funniest, most totally in-your-face performances I’ve ever seen:  Stephen Colbert just eviscerating nearly everybody in the room in 2006.  (Start at 1:45 to skip the boring introduction.)  There is an extensive Wikipedia page just for this performance.

Barack Obama and Keegan-Michael Key reached comedy heights this past Saturday at the same dinner.  I have to say that I am continually awed by Obama’s ability to keep it together in the face of all the vile and absurd things to which he’s been subjected.  At the same time, it takes incredible acting skill to not fall over laughing when someone like Key is being as funny as he was being.  And it takes a lot of self control from all of us who care about the fate of the earth to keep our cool when being confronted by the lies, cupidity and stupidity of the Tea Party and its Denialist faction in Congress.

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