Triple-E for Maersk

maersk_triple-e_smart-transportTriple-E stands for efficiency, economy of scale, and environment.  The illustration above shows how, for marine shipping, the first two lead to greater protection for the third.  The Triple-E ship is now being built for the Maersk Line, one of the most prominent shippers in the world with 25,000 people and 600 ships.  The first of 20 vessels, 400 meters long with a capacity for 18,000 containers, is being completed in a shipyard in South Korea and will be delivered this summer.

The efficiency of the ship is enhanced by its larger propellers, super long-stroke engine and unique hull shape, all designed for optimum operation at lower speeds than conventional ocean-going vessels.  Being a larger ship than any other of its type gives the Triple-E an economy of scale that further drives energy savings.  The result of all this is a much lower “carbon distance” – and therefore climate impact – not only compared to air, truck and rail transport, but to other ships as well.  Triple-E class vessels will reduce CO2 emissions by 50% per container moved.  Beyond the efficiencies mentioned above, the ship also captures waste heat and is designed for safe recycling at the end of its useful life.

This is such a good story that the Discovery Channel is devoting a six-part series to it.  In the meantime, you can look at this video.

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