Wind Power – Action This Day!

During World War II, Winston Churchill would stamp vital messages “Action this day.”  That is the level of concern that we need to bring to bear on the distinct possibility of the cutoff of the federal Production Tax Credit for wind. The American Wind Energy Association, and hundreds of others, want Congress to extend this vital support for wind power.

We have already seen a precipitous drop-off in new projects this year because of the looming threat.  We have seen this movie in the past too:

When hundreds of thousands of jobs and the continuing transition away from a fuel-based energy economy are at stake, and when we have been on such a good glide path toward wind’s taking the place it can and should take in our world, it is criminal negligence to not continue this vital support.

The governors of 28 states want this.  The President wants the extension.  Mitt Romney went to Iowa and told people there that the PTC was a bad idea.  Look where that got him.

And if you hear the whining from the Tea Party ideologues and the fossil fuel boys about unfair subsidies, then refer them to this graphic and the paper that underlies it.  Then tell them to get real.

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