At CleanTechnica

cleantechnica-logo-250I’m delighted to report that the very highly rated Green blog, CleanTechnica, has given A Newer World a great review.  One of their several excellent and prolific writers, Adam Johnston, called the book “a joyful, optimistic, yet sober look at the accomplishments society has seen in sustainable development over the past 25 years.”  Nice! Continue reading

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Climate Risk at GreenBiz

logo_greenbizJoel Makower and the very good people at GreenBiz have posted an excerpt/adaptation from the book.  It focuses on the fact that businesses and investors have a very keen perception these days of the many risks that come with climate change “through regulatory exposure, physical exposure, competitive exposure and reputational – including litigational – exposure,” as the economist John Llewellyn put it in his seminal paper, The Business of Climate Change.

If you don’t know the GreenBiz family of newsletters, blogs, research and events, do yourself a favor and check them out.

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