A Consummation Devoutly to be Wished

This nightmare that we’ve been experiencing for the past four years may finally be coming to its end.  Like many nightmares, it looks like it may culminate in a last, intensely frightening burst of violence.  And then we’ll wake up, bathed in sweat, but breathing freely again, feeling relieved that we’re not dead or mangled or crushed by the monsters that were pursuing us in the dreamscape.  This nightmare has not just been afflicting those of us who feel as if social justice and sane, reasoned public policy are the means and the ends to which society should attain.  Those among us who see ourselves as rightful inheritors of a legacy of cultural dominance over the “other,” be they of a different skin color or sexual orientation or religion, have also been plunged into a darker night of fear than that in which they had previously been trapped. Continue reading

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Hydrogen Rising

Hydrogen appears, finally, to be well along in realizing its enormous potential to substantially decarbonize our energy.  I wrote about The Hydrogen Economy last year and this week I sat in on a compelling webinar, “Opportunities for Hydrogen in the Northeast,” presented by the NECEC.  NECEC includes the Northeast Clean Energy Council and NECEC Institute. Continue reading

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Quantum Leap

Credit: Ross MacDonald

It is big news that Scientific American, one of the world’s most prestigious sources on science and technology, after 175 years of publication, has endorsed a presidential candidate for the first time ever.  The Editors declare that “Scientific American Endorses Joe Biden.”  They feel “compelled to do so” and “do not do this lightly.”  The first and foremost reason given for this historic endorsement is clear:  “The evidence and the science show that Donald Trump has badly damaged the U.S. and its people—because he rejects evidence and science.”  They detail the catastrophic consequences of this rejection, like the nearly 200,000 Americans who have succumbed to the coronavirus.  They further note his lies and, beyond that, the attacks on “environmental protections, medical care, and the researchers and public science agencies that help this country prepare for its greatest challenges.” Continue reading

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On May 10, 1940, German armed forces invaded the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France.  That evening, the chairman of the UK’s Labour Party, Harold Laski, wrote “We are at a turning point in the history of the world.”  Less than a week later, Winston Churchill, newly installed as Prime Minister, and Clement Attlee, the leader of the opposition in Parliament, announced an agreement to form a coalition government in order to prosecute the war.  Unity was the watchword.  David Low’s famous cartoon from that time vividly illustrates the fierce resolve of the leadership and, indeed, the public.

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Natural Gas Revisited (Again) – Part Two

I wrote the other day about some of the manifest benefits of natural gas in our economies.  There are also, without question, many negatives.  Let me count the ways here.  I also, however, want to note that there are ways to capitalize on gas in our transition to fully decarbonized energy economies.  I’ll do that in a third post. Continue reading

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Natural Gas Revisited (Again)

I haven’t taken an extended look at the many ins and outs of natural gas for a good long while.  It’s a bloody big topic.  But let me preface this by first quoting Amory Lovins, the maestro of the “soft energy path.”  I heard him speak at an event over ten years ago.  What he said then still reverberates in my psyche:  “The ‘renewables revolution’ has been won.  Sorry if you missed it.”  There is no doubt, at this late date, that solar and wind and the array of other modern renewables, along with energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, and other clean tech are well and truly burgeoning.  The numbers don’t lie. Continue reading

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Women’s March 2020

Women's March NYC 2020

(Click on the photo and go to the Flickr stream, click on toggle slideshow, and enjoy some of the posters from yesterday’s march in NYC.)

That’s not me, but it’s certainly my sentiment.  I’m a dad and I’m against the patriarchy.  I’ve written about the evils of the patriarchal mentality, and was reminded after the catastrophic election in 2016 about how the New, Improved American Right is fed by it.

I was out with my daughter for the march in 2018 and yesterday with my wife.  They went together in 2017 for the big inaugural event in Washington, along with a million of their sisters and brothers. Continue reading

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