“Water flows toward power and money.”

That water flows toward power and money is, according to Marc Reisner in his magisterial book, Cadillac Desert, “the West’s cardinal law.”  In every chapter, that sad fact is illustrated in abundance.  The book, first published in 1986 and revised in a 1993 edition, put a new lens on the American West and the regional and national politics of water.  It, like so many chronicles of the abuses of power, and the lies, arrogance, and destruction that accompany them, is both revelatory and maddening.

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Sept. 11, 2001 – Time Capsule

Here’s our family’s story from 20 years ago today.  I sent this around to friends, colleagues, and relatives a few days after the event.  It was a good way for many of them to have a personal connection to the day and its aftermath.


Dear Diana,

On September 10, 2001, you were six months old. The next day the world around you changed as it rarely ever does – with violence, stunning in its cruelty; with mind-numbing speed; and with a decisiveness almost unheard of in human history.

I bear witness to what happened because we were very close to the epicenter of this world-shattering earthquake.

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