A Newer World – The Book

A Newer World – Politics, Money, Technology, and What’s Really Being Done to Solve the Climate Crisis

From the catalogue page:  An environmentalist’s exploration of how we are bringing ourselves to the beginning of the end of the climate crisis and to the verge of sustainability.

From the Foreword by William K. Reilly: Hewitt has written a seminal work, cogent, compelling, readily accessible to those not steeped in climate lore. He not only explains the rationale for action, but examines options for putting our energy house in order—from accelerated pursuit of efficiency, to protecting forestlands that sequester carbon, to focusing on the role that consumer choices play, and more, much more—so that future generations might enjoy a world as hospitable and productive as we have enjoyed.

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5 thoughts on “A Newer World – The Book

  1. Look forward to reading this book. We at Victor Valley Transit Authority are doing our share with an all CNG fueled big bus fleet, a 1MW photovoltaic array to supply electricity, and a Gold LEED bus facility.

    • Kevin – Your and your agency’s work are exactly what the book is about: reporting on the great things that are happening all over the world. Cheers.

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