Peak Carbon?

Well, maybe not Peak Carbon yet, but it was a pretty hopeful signal that the International Energy Agency sent on March 13th in announcing Global energy-related emissions of carbon dioxide stalled in 2014.  The IEA noted “…that efforts to mitigate climate change may be having a more pronounced effect on emissions than had previously been thought.”

The estimable news organization, The Guardian, courtesy of which the graphic above comes, quoted Maria van der Hoeven, executive director of the IEA, in their article:  “The latest data on emissions are indeed encouraging, but this is no time for complacency, and certainly not the time to use this positive news as an excuse to stall further action.”  Rather, the message needs to be let’s make what’s working work harder, better, faster.  Renewables, efficiency, smarter agriculture and forestry, low and zero-carbon transportation, as well as saner lifestyle choices and sharper political pressure are all building our economies toward, if you will, a newer world.

The excellent folks at The Guardian, not incidentally, are bringing their considerable clout and presence to the growing international fossil fuel divestment campaign.  Keep It In the Ground is their message, echoing 350’s Fossil Free campaign.  Activism is one more, pretty essential component to how we’re going to keep those carbon dioxide numbers down!

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