Who, What and Why?

Over the course of more than a quarter century of work in the environmental movement, I have seen lots of changes – many of them very positive indeed.  Over the past several years while I have been teaching, writing more articles, and blogging, I have seen some of these positive developments and trends increase in their pace and intensity.  The scope of these hopeful developments has not necessarily made it onto everyone’s radar and I thought it was a story that needed to be told and understood.  That is the rationale behind my book, A Newer World – Politics, Money, Technology, and What’s Really Being Done to Solve the Climate Crisis.

This website serves both the book and as a host for my blog that will, as I did for more than five years from early 2007 at Climate Change for the Foreign Policy Association, focus on the policy, politics, science and economics of environmental protection, sustainability, energy and climate change.

I have been an environmental activist and professional for a long time. I was deeply involved in the battle to curtail acid rain, and was also a Sierra Club leader in New York City. I spent 11 years in public affairs for the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation, and worked on environmental issues for two NYC mayoral campaigns and two presidential campaigns. I’m a writer and editor and the principal of Hewitt Communications. I have an M.S. in international affairs, have taught political science at Pace University, and teach graduate and continuing education classes on climate change, sustainability, and energy and the environment at the Center for Global Affairs at NYU.


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